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Pac Tech Incorporated is founded in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

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Ernesto Asencio founded his imports and distribution company.

Ernesto Asencio


Polyplas Internacional is established in Caguas, Puerto Rico, as a distribution division for the Diesco Group’s products.

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Polyplas is merged with Ernesto Asencio’s company.

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Grupo Diesco acquires Pac-Tech Incorporated and is merged with Polyplas International to create Pac Tech International.



Manufacturing of plastic gallons begins at Pac Tech International.



Gallon manufacturing capabilities is expanded in Puerto Rico.



Pac Tech is unified with the transferring of the Caguas’ operations to Carolina.


The beginning of what today is Pac Tech International comes from two slopes, that in its culminating point, were united to create the main manufacturing and distribution product company of plastic and disposable packagings in Puerto Rico.

On the one hand, history begins when in 1994 Ernesto Asencio founds an imports and distribution company, which was officially merged in 1998 with what in that moment was known as Polyplas International, a company established in 1996 in the town of Caguas, Puerto Rico and exclusively dedicated to the import and distribution in this market, of the Diesco Group’s companies products.

On the other hand, since the beginnings of the 90’s decade Pac Tech had been developing in Carolina, with Puerto Rican capital, a company focused on the manufacturing and commercialization of foam trays and plates, whose shareholders in the early 2000’s, were exploring the possibility of selling it to investors with vision to expand it to bigger levels. Given the success that the activities in Polyplas International were experimenting, the next step that Diesco considered was to establish in Puerto Rico a base for the manufacturing of various products that the market was demanding. That opportunity arrived in the 2002 with the proposal for the acquisition of Pac Tech Inc. The negotiations were culminated successfully and the final result was the merging of Polyplas International and Pac Tech Incorporated in a new identity that converged both activities in a same company, Pac Tech International.

A year and months afther the integration of PacTech International to Diesco, a plan was developed to establish facilities for the blow-molding of polyethelyne gallons for the water and juice industries.

Today Pac Tech counts with an infrastructure and constructions that exceed the 100,000 square feet, more and better parking lots, controlled security, green areas, facilities for the containers.

Hoy día Pac-Tech International es una de las principales compañías de empaques y envases plásticos en Puerto Rico, dedicada a la fabricación y comercialización de una amplia gama de productos de empaques desechables de foam y galones plásticos


Cristalia and Pac Tech International sign agreement

Cristalia and Pac Tech International signed an agreement that includes the purchase of 5 gallon polycarbonate bottles for US$2,000,000. These containers will be manufactured in their totality by Polyplas Dominicana and sold and served by Pac Tech.

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